Hot Dogs Hawaii Style

On your next trip to Hawaii, skip the kitchen chores at your Kauai condo rental and make at trip to the little blue hut in Kekaha (they also have a location in the shopping center at Poipu Village) for a ‘Puka Dog’ a Hawaiian style hot dog.

First off in Hawaii, ‘Puka’ means ‘Hole’ so now you are wondering what on earth a Hole Dog is? Bread from a special recipe is baked into a hot dog bun size loaf, then a ‘puke’ is pierced from one end part way through most of the bun and toasted, it is then filled with the ‘secret sauce’ or relish and then a perfectly grilled Polish type sausage is pushed into the Puka!

What is great is that both the veggie dog and the Polish sausage dog can be greatly enhanced with some of the most wonderful tropical relishes. Choose from the Coconut Relish, or the Pineapple, or Papaya or Banana Relish. The sweet and savory will send you back for more.