Do We Really Need That?

Where you have great skiing in the winter, you usually have great mountain biking, hiking and fishing in the summer. More and more ski resorts are open in the summer offering gondola rides and alpine slides.

Many times you (we) end up dragging so much stuff along for every occasion possible summer activitiy; bikes, fishing tackle and rods, a canoe, some camping gear, golf clubs, climbing gear, sleeping bags, hiking packs and anything else you can cram in at the last minute. You need a Suburban with a trailer and that is before you get the kids and the wife in!

There was one trip we made where we were gone for a couple of weeks and we were VERY tempted to bring along the trailer. We didn’t, but decided to compromise and take along the things we knew we were going to use more than once. It worked out well; we rented other equipment and did just great. In fact the mountain bikes we rented were newer and more updated than the ones we left at home. When we went fishing, the guide that took us out on the river, brought along all the gear we needed. We even took a horse back ride – no we don’t have horse or saddles, but if we had we would have probably tried to pack them too.

Anyway, all I am saying is that you should take a look around the area before you go, check out some lodging, some fishing guides, some rental shops and you will be hauling a much lighter load.

Here is a start – from our trip to Park City:

Mountain Bike Rentals Cole Sports in Park City – have both road and mountain bikes.

UBike trail ideas visit Utah Mountain Biking

Rocky Mountain Outfitters – Rocky Mountain Outfitters set us up with both horse back riding and Orvis Endorsed Guided Fly Fishing

Park City condo – stayed at Trails End Lodge, was great with the kids. Large rooms, kitchens – very flexible .