Wedding in Providence Rhode Island

My brother finally tied the knot in Providence last weekend and my family and I raced to the east coast for the big event. Since he and his now “wife” have been dating for nearly 9 years, we were all wondering if they would strap on the ole' ball and chain. They both attended Brown University, so having the wedding in their college chapel was a first choice for the couple. The ceremony was emotional (this coming from a guy!) the reception a blur (haha) and an overall great time was had by all.

Since this was a special occasion, we decided to splurge a little on lodging. We stayed at this fantastic Providence Rhode Island Bed and Breakfast in the heart of downtown, but with a country, cozy feel. As with any bed and breakfast, the true test is indeed the morning meal. This place passed the test and could accommodate even the most finicky of children's taste buds. Great culinary confections to be had!
Providence is an amazing city to walk around. I can't say I've ever had a reason to visit this place, and never did until the special event took place here. However, spending 2 extra days here proved a most stimulating experience. History and culture are alive here - we took some great sights. We even took a day trip to Narragansett Bay, and relaxed as we watched the sailboats breeze by.