Travelling Looking For A Hotspot

It can be pretty frustrating when you are on the road and are looking for a decent wi-fi spot. Trent at Blizzard Internet Marketing explains his dilemma while traveling to Seattle for a conference.
“The Renaissance Hotel, in downtown Seattle, where I just spent a few days for a conference: no free WiFi (argh, had to plug in… but some stray signals creeped in) and a business center that forced me to swipe my credit card and go through the entire authorization and login process just to print up a piece of paper.”
In contrast he says the Oxford Hotel in Denver
“The Oxford Hotel had a strong and free WiFi signal provided using SuiteSpeed’s system. The WiFi was appreciated.”

I had a similar experience going to Kansas City, Mo this Thanksgiving. I went to a local library to log on to get some work done while I was away only to be told, by this sweet lady at reception, in her home knit sweater with snowmen and holly embelished on the front, “It doesn’t reach this far.” OK then! I never did find anywhere to get logged on. I expected it to be easy in a big city; at least the libraries would have wi-fi.

Next time I go on the road I will check out my options before I leave town on WiFiFreeSpot, as suggested by Blog on Blogging.