Plan You Premier Corporate Meeting

I know that most people who get assigned to plan a corporate conference do not necissarily think of using a resort as the venue. Of course if you don't you would possibly be missing out on one of the best resources for exciting and powerful meetings. Remember that the backdrop of your stage sets the tone for the entire conference. Which would you rather, a busy metropolitan downtown site with plenty of traffic, congestion, and smog or beautiful lake tahoe with its skiing, boating, and fun setting. I have used Premier Resorts (www.premier-resorts.com) a number of times. What first sold me is a quote from their site:

Our properties offer two compelling attractions for meeting consideration: dedicated world-class facilities and trained, experienced group support staff.

I thought to myself okay, that makes sense. Then I looked at the possibilites. Everything from Idaho to Mexico is available. If I need a location right next door for a large meeting I choose one of the Utah resorts. If I am having a smaller retreat I go all out and take everyone to Mexico. The meetings are more productive and the meetings stay on target and focused because everyone is in a good mood. All in all a conference with Premier is like a walk in the park on a spring day, throughouly enjoyable.


Third Annual Bahamas White Marlin Open – April 5-8, 2006

For those planning a fishing trip to the Bahamas you might want to time your Bahamas vacation around the first week of April. The Hatteras Yachts of New Bern, North Carolina are having their third annual Bahamas White Marlin Open, to be held at the Treasure Cay Resort & Marina on The Abacos.

Tournament quick facts:
  • Light tackle,
  • All release
  • 30 pound tackle.
  • Trophies will be awarded to the top three teams based on total points.
  • Great food and parties.
  • Held at Treasure Cay Resort & Marina
  • Find a Bahamas Villa or Beach Property
  • Separate “Fun Fish Division” for largest Dolphin, Tuna, and Wahoo (min weight 25lbs)
The Bahamas White Marlin Open was inaugurated in 2004 and has grown significantly every year. There are angling teams from all over the world that visit the Bahamas in the spring and everyone is invited to participate. Contact the Hatteras Yacht Club for further information.