A Brief Madison Wisconsin Jaunt

Since my niece attends UW-Madison and is staying in the cheese head state over the summer, we thought we'd take a trip to see her. As with most college students, living in a dorm doesn't provide a lot of room for guests, so we made arrangements to stay at this Madison hotel. It was wonderful for a family of four. We reserved a 2-bedroom suite and it had a fully equipped kitchen and HUGE breakfast daily. Our niece even joined us for a few of those. They also had this fairly large backyard that we grilled out at and, of course, an indoor pool that usually occupies my kids for hours. The hotel was kid friendly, the staff was accommodating, and it was an overall terrific lodging experience.

Did I get fishing in? Of course! The Midwest lake region might be full of mosquitoes at night, but the fishing is great during the day. I caught 4 northern pike and some walleye on Lake Monona. This lake is your typical freshwater fisherman's paradise. We also made a visit to Devils' Lake State Park, a 45 minute drive, and did some amazing hiking. The scenery is spectacular; 500 ft cliffs and a great lake for swimming.

Bridges Golf Course also provided me with some great golf. Their 18 holes of authentically landscaped greenery was amazing, although it did start to rain a bit, it didn't stop my wife and I from finishing our game. My niece was spending time with our kids that day, so it was nice to have time to ourselves. They did meet us back at the course for this amazing fish fry dinner. You must try it if you are ever in Madison.