Home Ranch - Dude what a Ranch

Steamboat Springs is the home to incredible skiing and awesome hot springs and spas. Any town that is known as "Ski Town, U.S.A." has got to have the whole package. Many people go to Steamboat to only ski or visit the hot springs. These folks are missing out on the true vacation potential intrinsic to this Colorado paradise. There are many opportunities out there for people to experience a once in a lifetime vacation. One of these spots is the Home Ranch.

The Home Ranch is the premier Steamboat Springs Dude Ranch. Perhaps calling it a dude ranch is selling it short though. It is more of a vacation guest ranch located just outside town. They offer a full compliment of vacation options. Obviously they offer horse back riding but you can also learn to rope just like a cowboy with a full instructional clinic. They can tell you what makes a horse a horse in the Horse Psychology program or even let you heard cattle with them. One of the more important programs for everyone is the Ground School that teaches your how to use body language to communicate with the horses. This is only the beginning though.

Kids can get there hand dirty by playing with the horses or rock climbing. In fact parents don't even need to be there. The councilors will keep your kids entertained with fishing, hiking, and games like capture the flag. The activity room is fully stocked with games for kids to play like ping-pong and foosball. This is the perfect place to take the family, anyone can have fun.

For the adults you can of course ski, hike, and fish, all with a guide from Home Ranch. How about a great rafting adventure? No problem. The folks at Home ranch can set you up and get you out on the rapids. The staff can arrange a snowmobile trip, cross country skiing trip, or even a dog sledding trip for you. Of course with the beautiful scenery you may just want to kick back in library or your own hot tub and breathe in the clean fresh air while reading your favorite novel. Anyway you look at it the Home Ranch can offer you the complete package.