Coolest Thing Since The Internet

Okay not really but its pretty a niftyidea. An idea from the Hilton's that is much better than letting Paris sing. Homewood Suites by Hilton Hotels is doing something pretty revolutionary in terms of staying in hotels. More specifically is booking a room. Everyone is used to the idea of booking a room online. Normally you get to choose the dates you want to stay and maybe the size of the bed. Well according to the Hotel Industry News Hilton plans on making it so you can choose the specific room you want to stay in.

This seems to be a great idea that has been missing for far to long. I was a volunteer firefighter and do not like staying above the 6th story in a hotel (100 foot ladders can only go up to the 6th floor because of the angle that they are placed at). Plus I like being close to the emergency exit. All of this my wife hates because it makes checking into a hotel a nightmare for her. Well now I can choose the specific room I want including its location in the building and its floor plan.

I was recently staying at a hotel, that shall remain nameless ... but rhymes with Sheraton, in the Denver Tech Center. I had a king suite. Normally a fairly big room. Little did I know that I would be staying in the corner room that has a curved exterior wall which effectively cut the room size by about half. I felt like I had to crawl over the bed to get to the desk. In early 2007 that won't be a problem with the Homewood Suites.

Now if only we can get Paris to shut up.....