Wine Auction of Napa and Sonoma Wines

The best-kept secret in the Napa Valley is the upcoming Justin-Siena Wine Auction. Trying to find anything about this auction is pretty impossible, as you have to be in the know to even have heard of it, and ColoGuy has the scoop. If you love great Napa and Sonoma wines then your should treat yourself to a trip to the area and attend this auction.

The auction benefits the academic and scholarship programs at the Justin-Sienna High School in the Napa Valley from which many of the vintners of the Napa Valley graduated. Started and co-sponsored by the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael and the Christian Brothers of the San Francisco District, the school is dedicated to offering a college preparatory curriculum to young men and women from diverse backgrounds.

The auction is on April 8th, 2006 and is held at the Silver Oak Cellars in Oakville, Napa general admission is $125 and $200 VIP. You need to contact Beth Fox at the Justin-Siena High School for tickets. The interesting lots that have sold over the past 6 years at this closely kept secret auction, have included some rare wines and interesting wine groupings that appeal to wine collectors all over the country.

Book early if you plan to visit the auction, most Napa Valley Bed and Breakfast’s get booked early on the weekends and finding great accomodations in downtown Napa or a Sonoma Bed and Breakfast gets more difficult during the summer months.


Ozark Mountains Fly Fishing Trip

The Ozark Mountains offer all kinds of opportunities for fly-fishing. The White River and the North Fork River offer some of the best trout catches in the world. Fly-fishing in this area is not just limited to trout but many other fish species.

The White River and the North Fork river are best known for their big fish with average trout sizes up to 14 inches and the largest one on record weighing in at 38.9 pounds an Arkansas record until it was beaten by an other Arkansas Brown that weighed in at 40.4 pounds and was taken from the Little Red River. These big guys are some of the smarter fish and are a challenge to capture.

Local guides will tell you that the best times to try and catch some of these bigger fish are at night in the summer and during the fall and spring. Trout like the cooler waters in the rivers. Not native to the area many of the fish were and are still introduced by the Game and Fish Commission & the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service which in a combined effort restock over 13 million fish in public waters in Arkansas. According to the site “Fishing the Arkansas Ozarks”
“What makes it possible for trout to exist in our state are the cold tailwaters below the large, deep reservoirs of Bull Shoals Lake and Lake Norfork. The White River, and the North Fork of the White River were dammed in the 1940’s by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for flood control and hydropower generation. The water used to generate power comes from deep in the lakes and is always cold. This makes for excellent trout fishing all year.”
Guided Arkansas and White River fishing trips can be found all over the area. For couples that like to fish together then Lisa Mullins and Custom Adventures has great knowledge of the local conditions and offers trips for Bear Lake Cabin guests with shore lunches. All the fishing gear is supplied so you will not need to bring it along.

The cabins on the lake at Beaver Lake also a opportunity for visitors to Beaver Lake Arkansas to fish right off the deck of their cabin.