Alternatives To The Crowded Kennebunk's

Maine has the largest landmass of any of the New England states and has one of the fewest populations. The coast of Maine offers wonderful views and little fishing villages to explore all along the 228 miles of rocky coast. The southern coast has all kinds of things to offer the vacation traveler and is probably the most populated part of the state.

Kennebunkport consists of Kennebunk, Kennebunkport and Kennebunk beach make up the Kennebunk’s. Kennebunkport, the most famous of the three towns is very historic and beautiful at any time of the year. Summer residents to the area include the Bush family. George and Barbara Bush have a summerhouse on Walker Point, Kennebunkport. For a lot of visitors to the area the town is so busy that staying elsewhere and taking a drive to Kennebunkport is a great option.

Only 15 miles to the south, the little town of Ogunquit can offer some wonderful Maine Lodging options. Ogunquit, known at “Beautiful Place by the Sea” is a small town with boutique shops, restaurants and its famous three-mile beach that affords swimmers a rather brisk pounding surf or a warm quite cove. This small town with a population of around 1000 people is typical of a beautifully preserved historic Maine town. Easy to get around on local “trolleys’ you can navigate from town to Perkins Cove in no time flat.

Wonderful Summer Family Vacation

Washington state is a summertime playground with great temperatures, incredible scenery, and amazing adventures. One of the most beautiful places (webcam) to visit in the state is the Olympic Peninsula. The Olympic National Forest is right in the middle of the peninsula with the State Forest bordering it on the north west. The views inside these forest are incredible. Lakes, mountains, valleys, wetlands, and meadows all make up the geography that paints the horizon. On the outskirts of the peninsula lay many small towns that border either the Pacific Ocean, the Straight of Juan de Fuca, or Greys Harbour. On the ocean side you can take in some incredible whale watching, sailing, or playing with the dolphins. Some people even enjoy sea kayaking through the pods of whales. The learning and fun that can be had on a vacation to the peninsula is incredible

As is our custom we want to point you to one of the nicest resorts for a family vacation. The Quinault Beach Resort is part of the Quinault Nation that is made of many Native American tribes that live in the area of Ocean Shores (one of the town on the Pacific). They can offer a family many things to do. Bike on the beach, go fishing in the ocean or at a private lake, take the family boating, or get a tour of the Quinault fish hatchery (which most people do not get to see). They of course have some adult fun, like a casino, but that is definitely not the center of attention at this resort. Food plays a major role in the resorts life. Try a stop in at Emily's for a fine dining experience or the Sushi Bar for a quick healthy and tasty lunch.


Everybody is Somebody in Lukenbach

Let's go to Luckenbach Texas with Waylon and Willie and the boys
This successful life we're livin' got us fueding
like the Hatfield and McCoys
Between Hank Williams pain songs, Newberry's train songs
and blue eyes cryin' in the rain out in Luckenbach Texas
ain't nobody feelin' no pain

- Kinky Freidman

A trip to Luckenbach , established in 1849, is always a great time, and a great trip through time. With plenty of history, good music, good food, and good people you will always find something to do. There are few towns like Luckenbach. The small town atmosphere with the large city spirit. You can relax and enjoy yourself away from all of you worries. Of course make sure you look for some great Texas Hill Country lodging thats close to the city but far enough out that you don't feel like you in town at all. Whats the point of visiting Luckenbach without truly getting away from it all. Make sure you stay for dinner at August E's which calls its food nouveau texas cuisine. This means that you get purely texas food with a new european twist. Not something youw ould expect in a liitle old texas town.